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Let's Be Honest

Our Sex Education system has failed us. It's been polluted with stigma and judgement. The thing is, we as people deserve real answers and real discussions about our bodies. Let's normalize the conversation and discover a new type of control and self awareness as human beings. Ardentley is more than just about adult toys. It's about having passion within the discovery of one's pleasure!

About Us



Ardentley is first a sexual wellness company providing a digestible approach on expanding and informing the discovery within identity, health, consent and sexuality. Ardentley also focuses on distributing Body-Safe Toys (non-porous or harmful materials that carry toxins). Tatiyanna is ardent about making people feel ardent with everything that they do. To be Ardent is to be passionate. This word creates confidence, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. All while feeling safe in the explorative process of their sexual enlightenment. There are so many layers to understanding who we are. At the end of the day people want to be understood; may it be understanding yourself or being understood by some one else. Tapping into sexual topics will allow for a safer, more pleasurable and better informed society. Ardentley is about having passion within the discovery of one's pleasure and we look forward to the topics and toys we can all dive into. Check out our instagram listed below or type @shopardentley !